What is Managed HIPAA Compliance

History of HIPAA Compliance

You must first comprehend why and how HIPAA started in order to comprehend where it is going. If you’re curious to read about the (short) history of HIPAA. 

The legislation can be quite ambiguous because it does not set forth clear guidelines for how to comply with the law, despite the fact that the laws are very complicated and have broad-reaching effects. Visit site —- to know everything in detail about HIPAA.

The law was approved on August 21, 1996, while Bill Clinton was president, with the major objectives of assisting more Americans in obtaining health care coverage and ensuring that workers wouldn’t lose their health insurance while they changed employment. The adoption of HIPAA is also known as the start of the modernization of information flow within the healthcare sector. 

The act established the Security Rule and the Privacy Rule by directing the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HSS) to establish regulatory requirements for the privacy of sensitive health information.

What is the History of the Security Rule and the Privacy Rule?

The following significant event in the HIPAA timeline occurred 2 years later. In August 1998, HHS proposed a Security Rule in response to the delegation issue. Better protecting the personal health information provided by health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and healthcare providers was the goal of the Security Rule. The Security Rule was adopted five years later. The rule mandated covered entity compliance by April 2005, according to the history of HIPAA.

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HHS put forth the Privacy Rule in 1999. The proposed rule aimed to raise privacy standards and limit the sharing of personal information (PII) and identifiers to unauthorised parties. Additionally, the rule aimed to improve patient access to their medical information. The Privacy Rule was completed on December 28, 2000, only weeks before President George W. Bush took office. 

The law was changed slightly the following day by HHS. A significant amendment imposed a provision requiring OCR to enforce HIPAA. When George W. Bush was president in early 2001, the technical updates went into effect. The Privacy Rule was the subject of further consultation by the Bush administration. In other words, as part of the rule-making procedure, HHS invited public input on any potential changes that might be made to the Privacy Rule. After considering the feedback, HHS published a proposed modified privacy rule in 2002. Provisions in the proposed modified regulation were aimed at easing the administrative constraints placed on healthcare providers. The Privacy Rule was finally completed in 2003. By April 14 of 2003, covered entity compliance was necessary.